"I think of myself as a highly sexual creature."
-Charlize Theron

Grrrrrrrooowwwl! Yes, Charlize Theron is a femme fatale, as she has graced the cover of Playboy and definitely played some sexy roles (2 Days in the Valley), but it is her diverse thespian talents that truly capture her audience. These talents were rewarded with the Best Actress Oscar in the film Monster, a role in which she had to gain 30 pounds and undergo a complete cosmetic metamorphosis . . . physical beauty was certainly not a factor. Joshua Tyler of Cinemablend.com sums it up best, "Theron sacrifices her body, her image, and her soul to give what may be the most stunning transformation ever to take place in any movie."

Charlize now earns top-dollar for her films, but her path to stardom was a winding uphill road. At 15, Charlize experienced a traumatic experience, when her drunk father attacked Charlize and her mother, and threatened to kill them both. In self defense, Charlize's mother shot and killed her father, an incident Charlize would later use as an emotional source to draw from for her scenes in Monster. Soon after, she ventured off the South African farm on which she was raised to pursue modeling and ballet, and after many trials and tribulations she landed in the U.S. where she would carve her name in stone.

Welcome to Charlize's web, an intricate web Charlize has spun documenting her amazing jounery. Explore Charlizeweb.com and follow her from a small-town South African farm girl to an Academy Award winning actress.